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"Thanks to David Franklin's remarkable book, anyone can be a fly on the wall in the class that persuaded generations of future leaders to love statistics." 

Michael Kremer, Winner of the 2019 Nobel Prize for Economics

About David Franklin

David is a British writer who is fascinated by how we learn about statistics. After taking Dan Levy's famous statistics class in the fall of 2018, he returned as part of the teaching team the following year and took notes on everything Dan did: those notes became Invisible Learning. 


He has two master's degrees: one in mathematics from the University of Cambridge, the other in development economics from the Harvard Kennedy School. He also has eight years of experience in the private sector as a country risk manager. 


In his spare time, David is an avid reader, radio cricket commentator, and long-suffering fan of Newcastle United. He lives in London with his partner Catri.   

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About Invisible Learning

Invisible Learning reveals the secrets behind one of Harvard’s most successful statistics courses. Dan Levy is famous at Harvard for his inclusive learning environment, which leaves students feeling not just confident about using statistics in the real world, but also seen, heard and loved.


Written from the perspective of the student, the book is an immersive case study of the course. It argues that the learning environment is composed of invisible bonds between students and teacher, and considers how he strengthens those bonds and uses them to maximise learning. It seeks to answer the question, asked by students and Harvard faculty alike: “How does he do it?”


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I was transfixed. I knew Dan and his collaborators were good, I just did not know they were this good... if you are ever expected to teach or learn statistics at any level, devour this book.


Dean of the Harvard Kennedy School (2004-15) and advisor to President Bill Clinton